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Society Is Never Pleased

Stop Wasting Your Time

Yeah You\\\'re Pretty...

Fake Friends Are No Different Than Shadows

People Hate For 3 Reasons

Being Replaced Is The Worst Possible Thing Ever

Why Do People Think It\\\'s Okay for Them to Do Horrible Things to Other People as Long as They Apologize Afterwards?

They See A Boy I See Prince Charming. They Say Mistake I Say Perfect Accident. They Think Regrets. But I think memories.

I\\\'m Wondering Did You Just Wake Up One Day And Decide You Were Going To Throw Everything Away Like There Was No Love Or Anything Between Us & Was It That Easy

Stop Trying To Tell Me I\\\'m Not Good Enough. You Probably Aren\\\'t Either. Idk What \\

You Can Let Your Smile Change People But Don\\\'t Let People Change Your Smile.

I May Look Calm, But In My Mind I have Killed You Three Times.

Donít quit because of your enemies. They may hate you, but they canít stop you!

Just Because Someone Broke Your Heart And Did You Wrong, Doesn\\\'t Mean That Someone Better Cannot Repair It.

Once You Have Been Hurt, You Are Scared To Get Attached Again. You Have A Fear That Every Person Is Going To Break Your Heart

You Can\\\'t Change How People Treat You Or What They Say About You. All You Can Do is Change How You React To It.

You shouldnít waste your time with someone who doesnít care about you at all.

I\\\'m Afraid To Fall In Love Because Every Time I Do It Never Seems To Last.

Taking 10 Pictures and Deleting 9 of Them, Do Not Judge Me

Behind Every Successful Female Lies a Pack of Haters

I May Look Calm But In My Mind I Have Killed You Many Times

Keep Your Friends Close And Your Enemies Closer

Fake friends believe in rumors and real friends believe in you

It is hard to trust people so I just keep to myself

My life. My choices. My problems. My mistakes. My lessons. Not your business. Mind your own problems before you talk about mine.

It\'s funny how the people that hurt you the most are the ones that swore they never would.

My Friends Seem Like Enemies

I\'m going to smile like nothing\'s wrong, talk like everything\'s perfect, act like it\'s just a dream, and pretend that he\'s not hurting me

It\'s amazing when two strangers become friends But it\'s sad when best of the friends become strangers

Go on and try to tear me down. I will be rising from the ground like a skyscraper!

Not losing sleep over you

If someone makes you so angry take a deep breath, count to ten, and kill him immediately.

It\\\'s always the people that know you the least, that judge you the most.

Success Will Be Your Failure

You gotta be a Beast that\'s the only way they\'ll respect you.

Always Rise Above The Drama

Sorry I Can\'t Be Perfect

Wild Hearts Can\'t Be Tamed

Don\'t Live In A Shadow

Those who mind don\'t matter and those who matter don\'t mind.

Don\'t Ever Change For Anybody

Who Cares What They Think

People get fake when shit gets real.

You\'re Becoming What I Hated

The worst enemies are the ones that use to be friends.

Trust No Player, Fear No Bitch

Don\'t Judge Me For My Choices When You Don\'t Understand My Reasons

True Confidence Leaves No Room For Jealousy, When You Know You Are Great, There Is No Room For Hate - Nicki Minaj

Put A Smile On Your Face To Show Them No Matter What They Do, They Can\'t Break You

Who Ever Is Trying To Bring You Down Is Already Below You


Before you judge me, you better make sure you\'re better than me

Its so funny how the people who know the least about you, have the most to say